Emma Welford Joins AAGC Family!

We are happy to announce that Emma Welford has joined the All About Games Consulting team as our Graphic Designer!

 Emma brings an extensive background in the design of both B2B and B2C marketing collateral within the board games industry. Having worked for many years with the Asmodee UK and Asmodee Global marketing and events teams, Emma is well-positioned to understand the visual needs of tabletop businesses across the board.

 Specialising in experiential marketing, branding and layout design, Emma has joined our team as the AAGC Brand Guardian as well as our in-house Graphic Designer. In this role, she creates impactful designs that bring our event spaces to life, sets the tone for our corporate and consumer-facing visual style, and art directs our crowdfunding campaigns. Emma also coordinates and manages our network of freelance designers, ensuring they create effective, affordable branding for our partners and their projects.

All About Games Consulting


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