IP & Licensing Acquisition

Our team has experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world, including stalwarts like: Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pokémon, Lord of the Rings, My Little Pony and The Smurfs.

We closely follow licensing trends and attend licensing events internationally every year to keep our finger on the pulse of what is working when it comes to licensed tabletop product.

Our process to help you produce a successful licensed product:


You brief us on your game concept and the core mechanics and themes present. If you have initial ideas about suitable IPs that could fit the game design, at this stage we will also discuss.


Using our existing knowledge of current trends we will then work with you to identify a list of target IPs. Our starting point is to identify a broad genre or theme that will fit the concept you have and work inwards from there.


Once this initial brief is set we then approach relevant licensor partners who fit the brief and make contact. As part of this process we will learn what their objectives are, which target audiences they wish to engage and assess their suitability for the project.


Using this information we will then make a recommendation of licensor partners for you to pursue and help you to create a pitch that highlights your strengths as a design studio and the key unique selling point of the product concept.


We will then present to the licensor on your behalf, handling the negotiations around royalty rates and minimum guarantees to help create a deal that works for both sides. Once we have discussed agreeable terms we then introduce your company and your products to the license holder(s) and help you establish a business relationship with them.


We will remain involved in the project to help act as a bridge between the licensor and your team, making sure the project moves along swiftly.

Throughout this process you will benefit from our market knowledge as we broker the best deal for you.

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While we welcome early thoughts on suitable IPs, we try to avoid locking our focus on one particular IP early in the process. Often the most obvious choices of AAA properties are incredibly competitive to pursue and will have existing, unannounced tabletop projects in production.

Instead we try to focus on AA properties that fit the genre and theme of a project. While these IPs are not always as globally recognised, they often come with a dedicated and significant fanbase, improving the effects of your targeted marketing.


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