Business Development & Brand Establishment

Establish and protect your brand on a global scale. Then, find the right opportunities for business growth to make your company a dependable and attractive partner for external parties.

We will undertake a thorough analysis of your business, from product conception right through to distribution and fulfilment. By leveraging our years of experience launching product internationally we will help you identify potential paths to increased profitability, better brand recognition and efficient internal processes.

Our process will help establish you as a rising star in the industry by...


Defining key criteria for brand establishment and territories ripe for expansion.


Committing to a Unique Selling Point that puts your products' best features forward.


Identifying potential threats to your brand recognition.


Targeting opportunities to firmly entrench your products in consumer mindset and mitigate the impact of imitators and copycats.
Our team will use their personal knowledge and detailed market research to vet new business opportunities and offer advice on how you can implement them into your growth plans without compromising on your existing commitments.
 Our goal is to make your business as successful as possible, without removing the culture that makes you a unique and creatively dynamic workplace.
By doing so, we hope to secure the future of your business, our partnership and potentially even open the doors for you to be a part of acquisition deals down the line.
From there, we will leverage this newly developed brand recognition to identify opportunities for you to grow by:
Introducing you to new projects, partners and opportunities from our global network of designers and publishers.
Opening discussions of terms for new exclusivity deals or product acquisitions on your behalf, actively representing your best interests throughout.

Providing your management team with strategic insight into the development of the market.

How we helped a printing factory to establish themselves as a leader on the market, introducing them to a publisher that placed a production order of over $1,000,000.


The Challenge

Having worked with this factory before we knew they were capable of delivering fantastic quality products and some of the best miniatures on the market. However, after a series of unfortunate projects where outsourced production didn’t meet their usual standards, the reputation of the factory had taken a beating. They turned to us for help re-establishing their brand with US partners and later launching it for the first time in the EU. 


The Solution

Our first step was to make sure we had a direct line into the CEO of the factory. We worked with him to identify what his growth objectives were and how they could be met. New customer acquisition was top off his list. Immediately, we overhauled and redesigned the sample kits that the factory was sending to prospective customers. Because their reputation for miniatures was not in question, we chose to highlight the huge variation of components that were available. Finally, it was crucial to show off the expertise of the production engineers. Until we’d come aboard, they were mostly being utilised to talk about complex plastic production. We started to include them in the conversations around paper and cardboard printing, where they also had expertise.


Once the work to improve the brand recognition of the factory was well underway and new customers were beginning to sign up, we pivoted to focus on retaining the existing customers as there were a number of unsolved production issues. From there we identified that a lot of the team were afraid to come to the CEO with problems, and this was causing a divide between what customers expectations were and what was delivered.

By working closely with every account handler at the factory we identified what the key pressure points were and helped develop and deliver a training program that highlighted the differences between different cultures in their two main markets- the US and the EU. This coupled with the newly shared expertise of the production specialists left them better able to deliver the results their clients were looking for.


The Result

By building on the reputation for plastic manufacturing that the factory already had, we were able to highlight their skill at other types of printing as well. This opened up a rich vein of projects that were primarily card and paper components.

As a result, we were able to make an introduction to the factory that resulted in a production order of over $1,000,000 for a game that didn’t feature any plastic at all. Without the brand establishment we had delivered, they most certainly would have missed this opportunity and others.

Our partnership with this factory has now run it’s course, but we are still thrilled to see them go from strength to strength.


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