Every Client is our Partner

We focus on your current project and objectives while ensuring the project stays aligned with your long-term strategy and success.

"Once you sign a contract, you're no longer just a client. We consider you a partner, and we go the extra mile for you guys"
Cedric Delobelle, Founder

Our Credentials


Our consultancy is like no other in the Board Games Industry, possessing a level of experience and expertise that no other can claim access to.


Our founders are former director-level employees of the Asmodee Group. The Embracer Group recently acquired Asmodee for €2.75 Billion.


Our team looks back on more than 70 years of combined knowledge in this industry, where we have consistently championed new developments and innovations.


Our knowledge will help your company to grow locally and internationally, and a partnership with us will help develop your staff into experts themselves.

Our Operating Procedure


Generating Results

We generate results and improve revenue so that you can focus on the tasks you enjoy, such as designing fantastic products.

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Driving Your Brand

We are an external, non-exclusive resource that drives your brand and your products to new marketplaces and audiences.

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Global Scaling

We create partnerships, building bridges between you and third parties on a global scale
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Our Process

We guide you through the implementation of our process, empowering you to make the best decisions with the best information available.

The Five Step Sign-Up

1. Free Consultation

A free, introductory call or meeting to discuss your priorities, diagnose your challenges and determine where we can offer solutions.

2. Analysis & Quotation

Next, we run business analytics and produce a tailor-made offer for your situation with suggested service packages and a summary of our pricing structure.

3. Service Packages

We will also offer project-based and full-service packages that grant access to regular business sparring with all our experts.

4. Action Plan

You then choose which service packages to pursue, and we will formulate an action plan together.

5. Contract Issued

Once this plan is agreed upon, we will issue a contract along with our terms and conditions. When this is signed, we begin work.


We only take on clients we know we can help and who will get a meaningful ROI

Let's have a chat about how we can help you. We'll take your details and be in touch.