International Sales & Localisation

Break into new markets and grow your international publishing brand.

We support your sales and localisation projects to maximise revenue, establish long term partnerships, and protect the brand you've worked so hard to build.

Our process to find the right localisation partner for you

Our experience, deep market knowledge and network contacts gives you an edge in finding the right localisation partner.

We help you create long term, win-win partnerships that will allow you to get established and achieve longevity in new markets.




Clarify the project and project goals including territories


Identify best fit potential partners from our extensive network


Put together the sales package and send it to potential partners


Meet with interested partner to assess suitability for the project


Collect expressions of interest and present to you with honest assessment of strengths and weaknesses


Provide after sales support for both you and your new partner to ensure the partnership runs smoothly

How a medium sized publisher entered 11 new territories within just 3 months of working with us and made an additional $485,500 revenue

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The Challenge

The client had a straight to retail $50 MSRP board game with a strong designer credit. English language distribution rights were already assigned. Our job was to focus on acquiring deals in the main European languages.

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The Solution

Working within the client's brief we identified the territories to target, put together a strong, persuasive sales package and sent it out to those potential partners that were a good fit based on market leadership and portfolio.

We liaised with potential partners throughout the process and collected expressions of interest, which we presented in full to the client together with our recommendations.

The Result

Within 3 months the client signed contracts to enter 11 new territories, 9 in Europe and 2 in Asia, with a total revenue of $485,500.


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