We grow board game businesses into international brands

Our business is knowing the board game industry. Our team has seen it all. The full economic cycle. The life cycle of the individual games. The evolution of the industry.

We are a company like no other, offering a broad array of professional services for tabletop gaming companies.

We’re passionate about building long-term partnerships and enacting positive change in our industry.

Our team acts as a non-exclusive extension of your own, allowing you to explore new opportunities without drastically increasing your overheads.

We deliver results for your long-term success. In our first two years, we generated over $10 million
in product revenue for our clients as well as saving them over $2 million in production costs.

Our services are designed to help you grow your business in an enduring, sustainable way. We can help you with many key business functions, allowing us to offer support at all stages of your product’s life cycle. Each service can be taken as a standalone option or combined with other services as part of a bespoke offer tailored to your needs.

We generate results and improve your revenue by placing your products in front of new audiences and building your brand on a global scale.

We’re not a simple sales agent who brokers a deal then disappears once their commission is secured.
Instead, we act as a bridge between you and the third parties, remaining actively involved from start to finish.

We’ll guide you through the implementation of our action plans, empowering you to make the best decisions with the best information available.  

More than 90% of our partners work with us on a retainer basis. This gives them confidence
that we are invested and dedicated to the long-term success of their business.

Why work with us?


Our combined 85 years in the tabletop industry gives us an unrivalled level of knowledge and experience, earned at the forefront of the industry.


Our founders are former Director level employees of the Asmodee Group, which was recently acquired for €2.75 Billion. 


Our team treats our partners’ brands just as protectively as our own. We don’t ever recommend a course of action that we don’t firmly believe will benefit your business.


Our work on revolutionary new products leaves us perfectly placed to push the bounds of what is possible, whether it’s unique decks of cards or the best miniatures on the market.

Cedric Profile Pic - Circle

Cedric Delobelle

Founder & Managing Director

A specialist for all Sales, Production, and Business Development topics with over 14 years of experience in the board games industry. Cedric successfully restructured Asmodee’s European English Language Distribution and later worked as the Brand Manager for Fantasy Flight Games. Through his substantial network within the industry, he is well placed to find the perfect people and partners your company needs.


Daniel Steel


Over 30 years Dan grew his own business from a high street store into one of the world’s most profitable boardgame distribution networks. After a successful multi-stage sale, Dan became Head of the Asmodee Group’s EU Distribution Business until the sale by Eurazeo in November 2018.


Philip Hatch

Head of Marketing and Events

Philip is an experienced troubleshooter, with substantial experience promoting product to end consumers and businesses alike. He now leverages that experience to help maximise the potential of tabletop projects, identifying possible pitfalls and avoiding them.

Philip’s previous roles include Experiential Marketing, Organised Play and Events for Asmodee in both the mass market and hobby trade channels.

Stephan Brissaud - Senior Consultant to the US Market for All About Games Consulting

Stephan Brissaud

Senior Business Development Executive - North America

A seasoned veteran of the industry, Stephan joins the team with a wealth of experience from previous positions at tabletop giants such as Funko Games, IELLO, Asmodee, and Wizards of the Coast.

With a strong track record in both the North American and European markets, Brissaud brings a valuable blend of strategic insight and practical expertise to All About Games Consulting. His extensive background includes brand building, market development, marketing, sales strategy (B2B and B2C), eCommerce, industry networking, and specialty sales management.

Emma Welford - Brand Guardian and Graphic Designer

Emma Welford

Graphic Designer

Emma is an experienced designer of both B2B and B2C marketing within the board games industry. Specialising in experiential marketing, branding and layout design, she has joined our team as the AAGC Brand Guardian as well as our in-house Graphic Designer.

Here, she creates impactful designs that bring our event spaces to life, sets the tone for our corporate and consumer-facing visual style, and art directs our crowdfunding campaigns. Emma also coordinates and manages our network of freelance designers, ensuring they create effective, affordable branding for our partners and their projects.

Picture 3

Tim Hitchman

Marketing Executive

Tim is responsible for all of our marketing and external communication at All About Games, making sure all our external communications to partners run smoothly and helping our sales team to generate new leads via our mailout solicitation process.

Tim also maintains our relationships with key influencers and media contacts in the industry, helping our partners to generate coverage and find the right influencers to place preview product with.

Evangelos- square

Evangelos Foskolos

Crowdfunding Expert

Evangelos is a skilled and dedicated member of the team, bringing a wealth of experience managing crowdfunding campaigns. He has a nuanced and intuitive understanding of the back-end management and marketing strategy required to enable campaigns to thrive.

In his previous roles, Evangelos has been responsible for many campaigns, driving engagement before, during and after the launches. His skills maximizing the impact of marketing budgets allowed even small projects to achieve better results. Now, he puts those skills to use for our partners, guiding their crowdfunding strategy and helping steer their campaigns to success

Lucas Portrait

Lucas Ferguson

Events Executive

Lucas is an outgoing, reliable presence at events. Behind the scenes he brings a fresh new perspective to our veteran events team, offering insight gained from his years of service at grassroots convention and store demonstration experience.

A skilled coordinator, Lucas has organised live events for radio stations in his previous roles bringing together a college student body with corporate sponsors and business partners to deliver a memorable experience for attendees and a great return on investment for exhibitors.

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