Improve your production price, component quality or manufacturing location to maximise your profitability.
We review your production from the ground up, making suggestions on materials and processes that can save you money, without compromising the quality of your creative vision.

Our process to improve your manufacturing solutions

Our experience and wide exposure to all kinds of tabletop products gives you a firm footing when it comes to selecting a manufacturing partner and turning the vision of your product into a reality.

We help you leverage better support from manufacturers, and guide you to make sure your production quality realistically supports your retail price.

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Review the product specification and identify the manufacturing priority: price, quality, or location.


Create a new specification based on material recommendations and printing processes.


Solicit quotations from our network of vetted, tried and tested manufacturing partners.


Coordinate and discuss with each manufacturer to assess suitability for project.


Collect and condense quotations to present to you, along with recommendations and an honest review of the strengths and weaknesses of each potential manufacturing partner.


Remain onboard as the bridge between you and the manufacturer, supporting you both in your new partnership and ensuring the project delivers successfully.

How an established publisher lost their manufacturing partner, and we found them a replacement in less than a month.


The Challenge

Our partner had a great crowdfunding result for a new edition of their popular card game, with an MSRP of $30. The specification was challenging but achievable, and when we came aboard they already had a strong relationship with a production partner. After we generated them a huge order for English Language distribution of the retail edition, it swiftly became apparent that the production facility wasn’t able to handle the increase in volume. We rapidly re-tasked with one goal: find a new manufacturer that could start printing as soon as possible without compromising the production quality.


The Solution

Working with the existing specifications we identified the key processes that manufacturers would need to be able to support. Thanks to our existing relationships with several of these key factories, we knew of two that had the machinery and the capacity required by the project. 
We immediately got in touch, shared the specifications and were able to help set up the unique printing requirements in a frankly unbelievable timeframe. From that point onwards we set up a sample print run so that our partner was able to verify what the final product would be and production was soon back on track, even managing to make up some of the lost time due to the faster work at the new factory. 


The Result

We secured our partner a great manufacturing solution that could cope with the huge volume increase, exceed the quality commitments made during the crowdfunding campaign and commence printing immediately. 
On top of that, we managed to reduce the production price of the game, saving our client over $100,000 on the first print run alone. 


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