Events & Organised Play

Create a community of lifelong fans for your products by delivering a first-class event program to acquire new customers, or a fully realised Organised Play offering to reward existing players.

Our team is second to none when it comes to Events & Organised Play. Having worked on top lines such as Pokémon, Final Fantasy, and Star Wars: X-Wing, we can help you launch products successfully.

Event Management

Our team has exhibited at all of the large scale tabletop events internationally as well as the bulk of the video game and other geek culture events for the English language markets. At a strategic level, we can build you an events strategy with recommendations of which events to attend, what to expect from the audience and how to stand apart from other exhibitors.

We also offer complete Event Management services at B2B and B2C events, executing a first-class event booth that will draw attention from business partners, end consumers and press contacts alike. 

We’ll operate within your budget and leverage our existing network of experienced events staff to support the activity on your booth. For partners who don’t attend shows themselves, we also maintain our own large booth at shows like UKGE and SPIEL. To find out more about opportunities for us to showcase your products on these booths, speak to our events team.

Organised Play Development

Our team can help you to develop and produce an Organised Play program at regional, national and international levels.

This can include pre-release events, causal play, store tournaments, and even prestigious international events. We have experience delivering Organised Play at the forefront of the industry, leaving us perfectly placed to drive engagement from players and their communities. 

Organised Play is the back-bone of a healthy gaming community of this kind. 

Miniatures games, trading card games and other product ranges often rely on regular releases or frequent expansion content to maintain their player base. Keeping this audience engaged and offering them a ‘lifestyle’ gaming experience is essential for the long-term viability of these product types. 


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